Bicentenario de la Independencia de México

Podium Arts founder Joseph Finneran served as Supervising Producer of Broadcast Operations for the 2010 Mexico Bicentenario. The show integrated over 70 HD cameras and 7 mobile facilities from four network partners, producing more than 12 hours of live broadcast television. Finneran worked closely with event producer Instantia Producciones to conceive and execute every aspect of the event’s coverage, from lighting enhancements to camera placement and even lens selection. The production won Telly awards for achievements in cultural programming and videography. Podium Arts also produced, directed and edited the official highlights reel for the celebration. The  excerpt above showcases the three primary features of the main Zocalo celebration, Arbol de la Vida, El Coloso and Vuela Mexico, as well as the Concierto de Flamas that preceded the President’s “Grito” proclamation.

This segment features a montage of artists that performed on the event's four stages, including Alondra de la Parra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas on the Angel Circle stage.

This is the closing highlights segment, featuring the ceremonial "Grito" by President Felipe Calderon and a fast-paced final montage of the day's events.

Conceiving and planning the TV coverage of Mexico’s Bicentenario took vision, determination, diplomacy and a wealth of technical skill. Joseph and his team had it all, and the result was a stunning broadcast of one of the proudest days in our history.
— Karla Nagel de Regil, C.E.O. Instantia Producciones