Intelligent event technology creates immersive, social experiences.

Smart, social events provide a rich and personalized experience for attendees while greatly increasing ROI value for event hosts and sponsors. In addition to producing impeccable, memorable events, Podium Arts engineers the attendee experience to provide personalized, continuously interactive experiences that track attendee participation, activate brands and maximize social sharing. For our clients' communications events, we provide both traditional and OTT distribution platforms, serving the mainstream while also keeping pace with the real-time social news cycle.



  • Attendee registration and tracking
  • Bluetooth Smart beacon systems
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Immersive and atmospheric media
  • Cross-platform branding and storytelling
  • Smart networked displays
  • Live-clip social broadcasting and social networking
  • Social photo and video booths
  • Event-wide content tracking and management
  • Capture, streaming and satellite distribution
  • Attendee networking and matchmaking
  • Remote connectivity and WiFi management